ALL OVER AGE 65 FLU ADVICE - you will receive a letter from the health board with your appointment. If your appointment does not suit please follow advice below. Please do not contact the practice for any information regarding over 65 FLU. For any further advice contact the number below.

The number to call is 0141 201 4180, and the line is open from 10 am until 4 pm. Given the number of people over 65 who are eligible for flu immunisation, the line is extremely busy. Patients should not contact individual Health Centres for this either by phone or in person as they are not able to action such requests, and it increases pressure on lines and / or creates additional footfall.


Patients phoning the central number are also advised that if it suits them to do so they can email , and every effort will be made to offer an alternative appointment.


They should include in their email

·       their full name,
·       CHI (if known),
·       date of birth,
·       original appointment details (date and venue),
·       if they wish an alternative appointment
·       and importantly their mobile number which will be used to text their new appointment details to.


The practice will close Monday - Friday between 12.30pm & 1.30pm. If you call due to a medical emergency your will be redirected to our standby mobile number.

Register for Online Services to book, view, cancel appointments and order your prescriptions.  Please ensure we have your current mobile number and you will be sent reminders of appointments.

Routine appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance


NHSScotland is improving the way it uses information from GP patient records. SPIRE is a service that will allow small amounts of information from GP practice records to be used to help doctors’ surgeries, NHSScotland and the Scottish Government to improve care and plan services, and to help researchers to learn more from patient information held at GP practices. 

 A new campaign is underway to inform patients across Scotland of the benefits of the service, and the confidential and secure way in which GP patient records will be used to help plan and improve health care services.

You have a choice about your patient record being used in this way. To find out more go to

'We'll Keep you Right' campaign launched

Greater Glasgow and Clyde is supporting a new campaign providing people in Scotland guidance on where to go for help when they are feeling unwell.

NHS Scotland's 'We'll Keep you Right' campaign, delivered by NHS 24, highlights the range of services available to help people access the right care at the right time, and where to go if you are not sure which service to access.

The campaign is fronted by a charming, pink cartoon character, who will share this important health information across social media channels, YouTube and STV Player throughout the remainder of the winter months.

Dr Laura Ryan, Medical Director at NHS 24, said:

"We chose to advertise the campaign digitally, to highlight the range of services that are available online which help people get the advice and care they need at the touch of a button, no matter where they are. is a great online resource, providing information and advice on common illnesses and conditions. Self-help guides on the NHS inform website provide people with the knowledge and advice to take care of themselves at home. They also advise when it’s a good idea to seek face to face help.

"We want to let people in Scotland know about the range of help and services that are available to them so they can keep well. For example, if someone is suffering from cold or flu symptoms their local pharmacist would be the best place to seek initial advice and medicines to help with fever, sore throats, ears and muscular aches and pains. Consider seeing the GP only if home remedies have failed and you are getting worse, or you, or someone you are looking after, are very unwell from the outset of your illness."

XXXX from NHS XXX said: “We welcome any activity that highlights what services are available close to home because we want people to get the care they need quickly and to access the most appropriate service for them. That also means that our GPs and A&E departments can have more time to help people with more complex needs.”

For more information, visit



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